We make your daily drives more comfortable.

With the same shape as the genuine shock absorbers, the NEW SR SPECIAL shock absorbers offer equivalent performance in durability and other aspects while achieving higher levels of the basic performance of “running,” “turning” and “stopping” through optimization of damping force characteristics, and all this in a balance with “ride comfort.”
With our shock absorbers installed, your car will feel as tactile and responsive as a pair of everyday casual shoes that feel steady, without feeing stiff. You'll feel like your driving skills have improved.

We recommend the NEW SR SPECIAL shock absorbers for the following drivers:

The NEW SR SPECIAL shock absorbers are designed with standard tires and springs in mind. They meet the various needs of drivers who own standard configuration cars.

Drivers who don't drive on circuits but want to drive in a sportier mode on holidays

  • Drivers who find driving with the standard configuration a bit boring
  • Drivers who've upgraded to high-grip, larger tires

Drivers who often have important persons as passengers and want a relaxed drive feel for all

  • Drivers who transport children and other family members and often go for drives with family members and friends
  • Drivers with children or other passengers prone to carsickness
  • Drivers who find a high-speed plush ride comfortable, but grow tired during long drives

Drivers who feel their car is becoming less stable as it accumulates kilometers

  • Have your car inspected when it exceeds 50,000 kilometers or five years after new car registration, whichever comes first.
  • Your car feels unstable and swerves or steers erratically.
  • You have eco driving habits but your tires wear prematurely or unevenly.

Drivers whose cars are custom-made but feature standard shock absorbers

  • Drivers who've experienced unsatisfactory balance since replacing lowering springs(*1) 
    In addition to the NEW SR SPECIAL, we recommend the following:

    *1 May be incompatible with certain types of springs.

  • Drivers who've purchased a used car and replaced the aero parts and the muffler, but not the shock absorbers
    Recommendation for an owner of a used car

Why the NEW SR SPECIAL shock absorbers are your best choice

Developed specifically for each car model

Each current car model is tested with the original standard outfit for its characteristics and applications. Based on the results, we determine what we call “ride concepts” and perform tests to identify an appropriate NEW SR SPECIAL shock absorber. We then fine-tune this shock absorber on an actual car of the model in question before manufacturing and shipping it. ■

Adoption of the genuine shape

The NEW SR SPECIAL shock absorbers have the same shape and profile as genuine parts as well as a fixed damping force system for a performance upgrade at reasonable cost without replacing other parts.

Simply replace the original standard shock absorbers with NEW SR SPECIAL shocks.

The NEW SR SPECIAL shock absorbers are manufactured at dedicated plants in Japan with manufacturing and quality control expertise gained over long years of OEM experience to ensure strength and durability. This eliminates the need for further adjustments and the time associated with such adjustments after installation.


Japan's Leading Brand

Launched some 30 years ago, the NEW SR SPECIAL shock absorbers are now available with around 2,000 different part items, the most in Japan.(*3)
Currently, the NEW SR SPECIAL shock absorbers designed to ensure a smooth ride are available for around 600 car models(*4), ranging from kei cars to large SUVs.

*3 By single brand for the Japanese car aftermarket

*4 Counting by car name and key model

Benefits of the NEW SR SPECIAL shock absorbers

Enhanced stability in ordinary driving


Slightly stronger that standard damping forces limit the spring movement generated by road bumps during ordinary drives.
Maintains a “flat feel” during maneuvering to help prevent carsickness.

Dependable line-keeping performance when banking into curves


Limiting the speed at which the spring is extended and compressed during cornering limits body roll, reduces loads on the outer tires, and optimizes the road gripping performance of the inner tires, all of which contribute to smooth cornering.

Stability and smooth lane changes during high-speed driving


Limits the spring movements typically generated by slight undulations on highways, resulting in a stable feel.
Allows smooth lane changes free of bounceback.

Improved braking performance


Limits weight transfer to the front during braking, preventing nose dives, ensuring the balanced distribution of braking power between the front and rear, and providing dependable braking. This also reduces braking distances.