For a superb driving experience

The overall performance of specialty cars continues to evolve with ever-increasing power, improving body stiffness, higher performance tires, and better tuned suspensions. The Extage is our premium brand, developed exclusively for the latest generation of evolving cars.
The Extage represents both the latest technologies and our craftsmanship and has been developed for each car model to match the car's personality and meet owner expectations.

A superior driving experience

The Extage goes beyond simply providing good handling and ride feel. It offers a well-tuned system that focuses on overall feel, balance, and quality for a superior driving experience.

The uncompromising goal is to achieve the ideal settings for every car.

Specifications are finalized for correct ride feel; for circuit driving, this basically means handling and front-rear balance. The specifications for driving on ordinary roads and highways are determined at the KYB test course.

32 levels of damping force adjustments

The Extage comes with 32 levels of damping force adjustments (8-level adjustment at the rear for some car models), which can be set to suit the owner's car specs and driving style.

The set of shock absorbers and coil springs can be your best choice.

Installing both Extage shock absorbers and Extage springs as part of a kit provides an elegant lowrider profile and gets you closer to the drive feel the Extage is designed to provide.