KYB coil springs are available as Lowfer Sports L-H-S lowering springs for street driving and the Competition Spring (KCS), used for ride height kit setting and in motorsports.

Lowfer Sports L・H・S

High quality springs for handling stability, smooth driving, and fashionable styling

Of various auto parts, springs have the biggest influence on the basic characteristics and driving feel of a car.
The ride height settings and spring rate of the Lowfer Sports L-H-S models designed for street driving for each car model with an emphasis on striking an ideal balance between comfort in daily use, agility, and stability.
The manufacturing quality of springs has a direct bearing on the spring's rust resistance, durability, and other properties. KYB uses materials and cold forming and other forming methods appropriate for the shape and characteristics of the specific spring. This minimizes rate variations and permanent set (spring fatigue).

Competition Spring KCS

Straight form type

The straight formed springs, essential for setting the REAL SPORTS DAMPER Spec TR and other ride height adjustable suspensions, provide a tensile strength of 2000 N/mm2 for both weight reductions and improved resistance to permanent set (spring fatigue).

  • Spring rate tolerances within ±3%
  • Spring rate label found on each spring
  • Spring rate set in 1 kgf/mm increments
  • Lightweight and buckling resistant

Genuine form type

  • Genuine formed full-stroke springs with reduced damper friction
  • Ideal ride heights for rallies, dirt trials, and other competitions
  • Two types to suit your driving style: single rate and variable rate